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Monitor Your Home Office Workers Remotely with Managed Print Services

As 2021 dawns, a new era in work has arrived. Remote work is now the norm, and businesses are now putting into place remote monitoring systems such as managed print services to make sure workers are doing their jobs and not wasting resources.

It’s time to look at your spend for 2020 and forecasting for 2021. Part of your new IT budget should incorporate remote monitoring, what with so many people working from home.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work with Printers?
If you have workers who are telecommuting from their home office, but using company printing equipment, you probably want to use remote monitoring. Remote monitoring of printers will ensure that workers are only using printers in an authorized manner, that is, not abusing the printer for non-work activities.

While some businesses do allow employees to use printers for a small allotment of personal use, you don’t want people to go overboard and start printing up hundreds of flyers for their local bingo club.

The remote monitoring software will track printer usage. It can also potentially cap printer usage so people can’t print more than their allotment.

Remote printer monitoring also helps with maintenance. Paper jams, low ink alerts, and open printer doors can be instantly tracked, and a technician sent out if needed.

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring with Managed Print Services in 2021
In 2021, we expect that working from home will remain the norm, even if coronavirus lockdowns are lifted once vaccines are widely adopted. Many experts, including Bill Gates himself, are predicting that lockdowns could last into 2022. For this reason, businesses need to be prepared and have systems in place to support remote workers throughout 2021.

Managed print services can make this happen easily. With a managed print services solution, your entire printer ecosystem – even company printers used at home offices – can be managed remotely and securely. The benefits of remote monitoring include:

Better Security
Printers that are attached to the Internet can be security risks if they aren’t properly configured and administered. Remote printer monitoring can help ensure that printers are safe from hacker intrusion. Document confidentiality can also be ensured through managed services, especially through integration with a document management solution.

Cost Savings
Workers who abuse printer resources can waste company money by using up too much paper and printer ink. Note that not all excessive printer usage may be due to abuse, it could just be poor habits or an overreliance on print when digital files would work just fine. Remote monitoring of printers with managed services can stop the overuse of printers, printer paper, and ink.

Improved Efficiency
Printers that are constantly jamming up or not working properly waste time. Do you want your employees focused on trying to figure out why a printer isn’t working, or would you rather they focus on their main tasks instead? Printers that are properly maintained through managed print services will not work better more consistently. They will break down less frequently, and, if there is an issue, it can be fixed quickly by a certified technician.

Latest Printer Equipment
With managed print services, you are effectively leasing your printers in a full-service package that includes remote monitoring and support. What this means is that you will be able to provide your employees with the best in equipment without spending a bundle constantly buying new machines. This also means that as older printers become worn out (and old printers are also security risks), they can be easily replaced with newer models that provide speed, efficiency, and more security. This is a win/win for you and your time.


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